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Email: info@psdl.co.uk

Microprocessor units - battery, low power

Our specialist microprocessor knowledge allows us to develop low-powered designs using 8- and 16-bit MPUs. Using these skills, we produce products that outperform other designs - by cost, battery life, communications options or accuracy.


Data logging - vibration, power, pulse, temperature, humidity

Data logging is our core speciality and we have designed products for clients in the power monitoring, pulse logging and vibration logging fields. We use state-of-the-art components to give our clients a competitive edge - whether on cost or performance.


We design PC interface and control programs for loggers and other equipment and develop software to enable the display or export of data in any format.

Communication - RS232, USB, TCP/IP, GPRS, Bluetooth, Modbus

We have many years experience of working with the various industry interface standards currently in use and have designed solutions for handling data over most interfaces.

Network data transfer and control - Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485

We have in-depth knowledge of the protocols involved in network data transfer and experience of interfacing both our designs and existing products across a variety of networks and interfaces.

Home automation control - PC, iPhone, Global Cache

We have the design knowledge to interface the growing range of home automation products to Ethernet or Wi-Fi. We have experience of Command Fusion and can develop control interfaces for Apple iPod or iPhone as well as PC control applications. Our designs can interface with other manufacturer’s products including Global Cache.

Other design expertise

We have highlighted some of our areas of expertise but we can apply our design skills to many fields and product areas. For instance, we have designed and produced power supplies for the educational market and specialist equipment for the health and beauty market.

Designs for other industries

Our web site may seem full of jargon but we will do our best to demystify the technologies and explain how we can use electronic solutions to meet your needs. We are particularly happy to work with customers from other industries and fields of knowledge.


We can undertake projects from design through to production and would always like to be considered for your production needs - see our manufacturing web site for further information. However we are also happy to help you source production from other manufacturers if you prefer.

Prototyping, low and medium volume manufacturing

To complement our design services, we have facilities for one-off prototype, individual board, small and medium batch manufacturing. We can handle most surface-mount as well as leaded and mixed board assemblies - see our manufacturing page for further information.

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